Nepalese Dolphin Song

A new work written and recorded for the PMS Show on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Recorded and Engineered by Rory Ballantyne
Saxophone, Flute: Chloe Mullett
Violin: Simon Barr
Cello: Sofie Roberts
Harmonium, Lorenzo Organ: Alex Germains
Originally broadcast 15th June 2015.

There is distance enough between us, we shouldn’t extend this with arbitrary borders and distinctions.

Telegraphs I

Telegraphs I is a video / performance piece first performed at The Royal Standard, Liverpool, February 6th 2015 as part of BamBamBam.
Voices by Chloe Mullett and Biltone.

Two video loops made from found 8mm film. Two audio loops of scripted voices. Four audio loops of music. All loops are roughly 2 minutes long, but differ in length by up to 3 seconds, so the elements interweave and overlap. Meaning is lost and communication becomes impossible.
Additional musical elements recorded live at The Royal Standard.

Thanks to Chloe Mullett and Biltone for doing voices and being open-minded.
Thanks to The Royal Standard for giving me the opportunity to create and perform this piece.